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Dental Care for Kids of All Ages

At SmileBuilders Children's Dentistry, all of our patients receive comprehensive pediatric dentistry and orthodontic services in a fun, welcoming environment. The dental team is committed to providing all patients—from infancy to adolescence—with the dental and orthodontic care they need and deserve. We provide a full range of dental services for kids, including oral conscious sedation and general anesthesia.

What sets our office apart is simple: it is designed for children and adolescents, and our staff always offers gentle, caring support and encouragement while your child is in the dental chair. We are proud to serve children of all ages, including patients with special needs and medical compromises.

SmileBuilder's Children's Dentistry services include:

Dental Cleanings
Like adults, it's important to take care of your child's teeth and oral health. Helping your child learn about the importance of brushing their teeth and going to dentist sets them up for a lifetime of good oral health. Cleanings help us evaluate your child's oral health, and to make notes of any significant changes.

Digital X-rays
X-rays simply help us take a look at teeth and roots in the jaw. It also helps the doctors to see if there are any small cavities, infections, or other diseases infecting a patient's mouth. X-rays are great tools in early prevention and are considered a necessary component of a typical dental visit.

Fluoride Treatments
Fluoride is a natural mineral that hardens tooth enamel and helps prevent cavities. It is found in water and the Earth's crust. Children should receive fluoride treatments twice a year, and it helps prevent tooth decay.

Cavity Risk Assessments
Part of our treatment plan for every patient is carefully monitoring their oral health and risk for cavities. Together with you, the doctors will help you determine how to prevent cavities, and promote good oral health for your children.

Preventative Care
A lifetime of good oral health begins in childhood, so we will work with you to help promote healthy habits with your child. Additionally, the doctor will carefully monitor and examine your child's oral development, and provide them with treatment to help prevent cavities and other issues.

This type of treatment helps protect the chewing surface of the teeth, and help seal out food and plaque. When sealants are applied to teeth, it creates a smoother surface for the toothbrush to clean, which means less food particles are left behind. This treatment is very helpful at preventing tooth decay.

Orthodontic Consultations
Determining if your child will need orthodontic treatments is a big decision. We will assess your child's dental health and dentition. If your child will need to see an orthodontist, we will refer you to one.

Treatment of Dental Injuries
If your child is in a dental related accident, please call our office immediately. We will see your child immediately. If you call after hours, an answering service will give the message to the doctor right away.

The first half an hour is the most critical after a dental accident. If a PERMANENT tooth is knocked out, gently rinse it under water, but do not scrub it. If it appears clean, and if it is possible, reimplant the tooth as best you can. If this is not possible, put the tooth in a glass of milk and come to the office immediately. If the tooth is fractured, bring any pieces you can find. DO NOT REIMPLANT BABY TEETH.

Our office number is 760-480-6700. if you cannot reach us, please get in touch with a local emergency center.

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)
This is a safe, effective treatment offered to children who have a fear of the dentist. Nitrous oxide is a blend of oxygen and nitrous oxide, and has a calming effect on the patient. The gas is absorbed by the body when inhaled, and at the end of the procedure, breathing 100% oxygen eliminates the nitrous oxide from the body within the matter of a few minutes.

Dentistry with Oral Conscious Sedation
This type of sedation is a way of relaxing a child without them losing consciousness. This type of treatment is recommended for children who have mild to moderate anxiety. It is usually used for kids who have trouble managing their anxiety, and need help calming themselves. This lowers the chance of injury and provides a more enjoyable environment for the patient. After all, it's hard to treat a moving child!

Dentistry under General Anesthesia
This is a pharmacologically-induced “sleep” state. The aim of a general anesthetic is to create a lack of sensation and to ensure no memory (amnesia) and no pain (analgesia).

Behavior Management
We know every child is different, so every treatment plan will be different. Our entire team knows how to manage and create an atmosphere that all children feel welcome and comfortable in. There are many methods of managing behavior in the dental office, and Dr. Rashedi and her team will develop the best plan to help your child through each visit.

Special Needs Dental Care
Dr. Rashedi is trained and experienced in providing dental care to young patients who have special needs. Since pediatric dentists require 2 more years of training, Dr. Rashedi received specific training on how to properly care for patients with special needs; so you can be sure your child is in capable and caring hands. If you have any questions about special needs dental care for your child, don't hesitate to call our office at 760-480-6700 today.

For more information about our procedures and services, please refer to our frequently asked questions page.