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Orthodontic Treatments

Our board certified orthodontist, Dr. Brittany Fischer, is right here! We are proud to offer orthodontic treatment in the same office. This allows for the pediatric dentist and orthodontist to collaborate effectively in the best interest of our patients! The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends children be seen for their first orthodontic evaluation by age 7. The goal of childhood and adolescent orthodontic treatment is to establish optimal function and proper alignment of the jaws and the teeth. If Dr. Fischer determines early orthodontic treatment is not needed, she will advise parents about what type of treatment may be needed for their child in the future. Dr. Fischer invites growing patients, who are not ready for orthodontic treatment, to join the growth observation program in our office so she can monitor craniofacial growth, dental development and optimally time your child’s future orthodontic treatment.

Invisalign and Invisalign Teen

The braces free alternative for straight teeth. No wires or bracketsneeded for this type of orthodontic therapy!

Digital 3D i-CAT CBCT

Always staying current with technology, we offer 3D or 2D digital x-rays, which provide superior diagnostic quality with significantly less radiation than a traditional medical CT.

iTero, Digital Impressions

No more messy, gooey impressions! The intraoral iTero scanner integrates seamlessly for Invisalign patients and minimizes the need for messy impressions for braces patients too!

Orthodontic FAQs

children's orthontic treatment

When Should My Child Have an Orthodontic Evaluation?
The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends children be seen for their first orthodontic evaluation by age 7. Dr. Brittany Fischer, a board certified orthodontist in San Marcos, CA, follows the same recommendations and encourages the first orthodontic evaluation by age 7 or when the first molars erupt. Most children do not need active orthodontic treatment at this time, but if a child does need treatment, the benefits are significant. A board certified orthodontist, like Dr. Fischer, understands children’s development and can make appropriate recommendations.

Why Does My Child Need to See An Orthodontist So Early?
Early orthodontic screening is beneficial and can diagnose problems with growth patterns and permanent tooth development early. An x-ray can help to demonstrate problems with eruption paths of permanent teeth and growth abnormalities.
The goal of childhood and adolescent orthodontic treatment is to establish optimal function and proper alignment of the jaws and the teeth. If the orthodontist determines early orthodontic treatment is not needed, Dr. Fischer will advise parents about what orthodontics may be needed in the future and invite patients to schedule visits to monitor their development through the next few years.

When will my child need braces?
By age 7, the American Academy of Orthodontics recommends that every child receive a consultation. There are exceptions to this guideline, since every child develops differently. We will carefully monitor your child's developing dentition (the shape and orientation of their teeth) and regular appointments and may refer your child to an orthodontist earlier.

What Type of Braces Can My Child Have?
There are several options of braces offered at SmileBuilders Children’s Dentistry. Our board certified orthodontist can discuss treatment options with you. Types of braces offered include:

What is the Difference Between Phase I and Phase II Orthodontic Treatment?
Early orthodontic treatment, Phase I, most likely will not eliminate the need for braces during the adolescent years. Phase I treatment can only address permanent teeth that have erupted, address grown patterns, and plan for making additional space for the permanent teeth to come in. The additional permanent teeth that erupt in the teenage years may have their own problems and if not aligned properly, additional treatment would likely be indicated and is called Phase 2 or Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment. If indicated, Phase I treatment can simplify future orthodontic treatment and prevent problems from becoming worse. Phase I treatment could potentially also shorten the treatment time of Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment, Phase II.

Will I Be Able to Afford My Orthodontic Treatment?
Initial consultations with our board certified orthodontist are free! We invite any patient age 7 and up to make an appointment with the orthodontist. The fee for orthodontic treatment is case specific, depends on the treatment option chosen, and the number of visits it will likely take to complete treatment. We accept all major PPO plans and will discuss coverage with you. We proudly offer 0% interest financing with low monthly payments and a low down payment. We conveniently offer automatic draft from checking accounts or credit cards as well.

For more information about our procedures and services, please refer to our frequently asked questions page or contact us today at 760-480-6700.

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